Total Fun Kit

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Total Fun Kit

$280.00 $189.00

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $31.50 with Laybuy

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $31.50 with Laybuy what's this?


Includes: 6 x 1L Giant Bubble Juice + 1 Kids Wand + 1 Intermediate Wand + 1 Windy Day Wand + 10L Bucket

  • Perfect for ages 3+
  • A safe and fun way to create mesmerizing giant bubbles
  • Creates giant bubbles up to 2 meters in diameter and 2 to 10 meters long.
  • Made from sustainably sourced pine dowel and specially sourced, super absorbent, natural cotton rope and fully degradable
  • Makes multicoloured, long-lasting bubbles

Ready to use: No dilution required, simply pour the bubble juice out of the bottle and into the bucket and you’re good to go!

The Giant Bubble Childcare Provider Kit is perfect for hours of outdoor fun. It’s easy to dip and blow giant bubbles with the right size pole length to loop size ratio.

Best time to create giant bubbles: When the weather is calm and still. You likely won’t notice there is a breeze until you start creating giant bubbles and that is a perfect time.

Use the Windy Day Wand on breezy – windy days.

Bubble Time: Over 6 hours with 900mm wand and continuous use.

Handmade in New Zealand with love.

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Giant Bubble Total Fun Pack for creating exciting, massive, multi-coloured bubbles for the kids.

Includes: 6 x 1L Giant Bubble Juice + 1 Kids Wand + 1 Intermediate Wand + 1 Windy Day Wand + 10L Bucket

The Giant Bubble Total Fun Kit is perfect for entertaining little ones and getting them super excited. The Intermediate Wand is the best for creating jaw-dropping giant bubbles that kids can’t get enough of. If the weather is too windy for the Intermediate Wand, we have included the Windy Day Wand so that you are never left without the opportunity to create joy for the kids. The Windy Day Wand creates 100’s of big-little bubbles and the kids absolutely love chasing these! The younger kids can have a go themselves with the Kids Wand and thrill themselves in creating so much magic. You can create giant bubbles anywhere, just make sure you have some open space so you can watch them float a long way.

Involve yourself and the children in the most magical fun you’ll ever have and create giant bubbles.

Our Professional Giant Bubble Juice and Bubble Wands

Our Giant Bubble Juice is made from specially imported bubble detergent and (rare) pantry items and our wands are made from sustainably sourced pine dowel and a specially sourced, super absorbent, natural cotton rope which is fully degradable. All handmade in Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand by a family who loves giant bubbles.

Giant Bubbles is a family run business based in Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay. We started after discovering the magic of giant bubbles in December of 2017. Since then our (then) 3y/o (now 4), began to master the creation of these amazing bubbles. Children and adults would stop and stare in amazement as we created bubble after bubble, some the size of large cars and watch them float for miles over the ocean before disappearing into the horizon without popping. When people started asking how we made the bubbles and then asked if we could make bubble juice for them, we decided to start Giant Bubbles. We, most of all, love making bubbles and sharing the joy for others to make giant bubbles too.

We’d be so thrilled to see what you have created with your bubble juice, so check out our Facebook page and share your bubble pictures with us.