Christmas Gift Idea – 11 Reasons to get Giant Bubbles

Here are 11 reasons why Giant Bubbles is the perfect gift for Christmas and any other occasion:

The perfect Christmas gift, with a difference.

The wonder on his face…

1.) Kids just love bubbles, they get so excited at the sight of normal small bubbles. Imagine how much they will love GIANT bubbles!

2.) Creating Giant Bubbles is a truly magical experience.

3.) It is a fun activity for the whole family.

4.) The most commonly used expression when seeing and creating Giant Bubbles is: “Wow!”.

5.) Giant Bubbles can instantly turn a frown upside down.

6.) The joy, happiness and excitement Giant Bubbles create is priceless.

7.) Adults enjoy it just as much as (or even more than) the kids.

8.) These massive, ethereal orbs of colour and beauty are quite a sight to behold.

9.) It gets the children outdoors, in the sunshine, away from any screens easily!

10.) It is more than just a toy that gets vacuumed up or abandoned – Giant Bubbles are loved and creates hours and hours of fun.

11.) Giant Bubbles is the stuff treasured memories are made of.


Giant Bubbles is the perfect Christmas gift for any family, old or young. Save $5 on our Kids Giant Bubble Kit, perfect for the little ones (3-6 years old) or grab a Giant Bubble Starter Pack or Party Pack and save up to $20!

Can you think of more reasons to get Giant Bubbles?

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Kids Giant Bubble Kit
Giant Bubble Starter Pack
Giant Bubble Party Pack

Christmas gift – Give your kids a magical experience

There are many things in life that bring us all joy and happiness, like sharing exciting experiences with family and friends, opening a surprise Christmas gift, our beloved pets and animals, Xmas trees, celebration and this list can go on…but…there is nothing quite like the joy and excitement experienced from blowing bubbles.

The expressions of wonder on our children’s faces as they create these massive bubbles that are bigger than they are and then chasing them along, so excited and filled with laughter and extreme joy is absolutely priceless.

Giant Bubbles is the best kids toy you could ever get them as it is more than just something physical and material to own; blowing GIANT bubbles is a magical experience. ¹Science has proven that there is far more joy and happiness to be found in experiences than there ever will be in material possessions and Giant Bubbles is an experience that your children are going to carry with them in their most treasured memories forever.

Here is our Kids Giant Bubble Kit – perfect as a Christmas gift for under the Xmas tree or in a Xmas stocking.

Christmas gift, birthday gift, stocking filler


Bubbles have a whimsical quality about them, they are beautiful to watch, they make us feel light and floaty, they look mysterious, yet, ethereal-like, they dance freely and are colourful, bringing out a sense of child-like freedom from within us. This may sound funny or strange, but honestly, bubbles are healing. There is just nothing like it.


Photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash



¹Anamaria Nagy, (January 2018), Science Says Experiences Make Us Happier Than Material Possessions. Here’s Why.


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